Supply vs. Demand

deforestation (1)

 Supply vs. Demand

For my final research paper I am attempting to see if future supply will meet future demand of wood.  Wood being a neutral resource is subject to the possible of using up what we have.  This is a global problem because our forests, which are where our main supply comes from, are rapidly diminishing to the point where our entire ecosystems are disappearing.

Future supply is a concern because of the rapid growth of the human population. It is estimated that by the year 2030 the world population will be at 8.2 billion1. Since demand will increase, there is more pressure on what is left of our natural forest.  The greatest demand is expected to come from the developing nations of China, South Africa, Brazil and India where they have the least amount of this resource2.  In the year of 2006, the annual global deforestation rates were estimated to be about 0.2 percent which is equal about the loss of 161 hectares a year, in a report commission by the Food and Agriculture Organization2.

Our forests account for about 40 percent of the CO2 removed from our environment as well as producing about 25 percent of the oxygen we consume.  This is more important considering the fact oxygen is essential to human survival and trees are a great source. From all other aspects, wood is used as a source for fuel, construction and food source for many species.  This is why it is critical to find sustainable and renewable methods when harvesting this precious resource.



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