To change, not to “design”

When we say we desire to build a sustainable building, we always consider the energy consumption as a priority to the whole design, which makes perfect sense. However, what I am trying to argue is that sustainable buildings are the great opportunities for people to experience sustainability  with a new form of life. As architecture is a prominent human artifact that defines time and places, enriching architecture with sustainability is not just to reduce the energy footprint but also design an integrated environment for the building and people who work and live in there. This leads an important aspect that when architects design sustainable buildings larger and larger, they need to start to think that they are not only providing a space but also changing the sustainable behavior in people who are involved with the space.

A German architecture firm called Behnisch is one of the leading architecture firms in sustainable design. The architect, Behnisch, he suggest that “he most difficult stock we have to deal with, and it has to be done, if we really want to save CO2. We need to fix up about 60% of the existing buildings”.(arch daily)  This makes me think that  as designers when we think of designing something new and something influential to people, we do not really think of the existing structures that still remain a huge impact. Changing the existing structures and make them comfortable for people may be the best way out. It will take thousands years to build the same number building as the number we are having right now, so why do not we make a difference in changing human behaviors that are in the existing buildings rather than building new ones.





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