The “Lynx”

For my last and final post of this semester I would like to discuss another option to temporary housing. As I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, my final essay topic is temporary housing. I have been finding a lot of information on some really great ideas for temporary housing structures, and some really terrible ones. It seems to me thus far in my research that most of the terribly designed temporary structures are the most frequently used in occurrence of a disaster. I guess something that I would maybe like to figure out at the end of my research paper would be, how can we as design students make an impact and bring the better designs of temporary structures into action.

Richard Barnwall created an idea for temporary structures to be used by construction workers when they needed to be placed on a job site for months on end. The idea of Barwall’s design is called the “lynx”. He has several different designs. These modular “Lynx” structures create a well-designed and thought out plan for housing. These structures can be stacked for transportation purposes. I think that the design that Barnwall has created could be one of the solutions to disaster relief housing. The image below shows the lynx structure in diagram.



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