Re: The “Lynx”


The topic of temporary disaster relief housing seems to intrigue an concern many people, including me. It seems as though the apocalypse is approaching with so many large natural disasters, and the current state of the world requires these types of homes.

The idea that Richard Barnwall has for temporary structures is logical and seems to be efficient in the usage of space. This could be one of many solutions to the housing problem around the world. This pushes me to wonder what the needs of disaster stricken communities are.

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, the most basic level and basic needs are physiological and safety needs. Physiological needs are made of: food, water, warmth, and rest. Then the safety needs require security and safety. Taking these factors into consideration, the temporary structures should consider whether they are able to meet these needs for a non degrading environment in which people can progress to the next levels beyond simple survival.

I bring up Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs because in my architectural studies, I have rarely heard people consider the needs based on human psychological research and studies. Although a home does not provide food, a home should provide the rest of the basic level requirements.

I am pushing the requirements of temporary housing to meet the needs beyond head cover because these temporary structures many times become permanent for quite some time. A person’s moral and psychological framework of a can deteriorate quickly, as seen in the Standford prison experiment done in the early 70s.

Students participating in the prison experiment. It became very real to them in less than one week.


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