Re: RE: Architecture United With Nature


I am very intrigued by the idea of architecture highly united with nature. People have been using nature for thousands of years to construct, so it is a bit strange that we as humans strayed from nature’s way of providing head cover and homes.

I enjoy both of the ideas. One that uses all natural materials, and the other that surrounds nature within architecture. My thoughts on these types of issues is that they should merge. If someone were to build houses strictly of one idea. The integation into society would not be too smooth. Although there is a call to instant action and instand and quick answers, we as designers an architect’s need to realize that most people that do not have an education in architectural or ecological practices and will most likely be deterred from such extreme changes.

These changes usually require a very different approach to living. Homes become less lavish, space becomes smaller, and many extra commodities that are wasteful soon begin to disappear. Unlike Europeans, North American people (yes, this includes Canada) are accustomed to large spaces available to build and live on. Changing from a large scale life style to a small scale lifestyle may not make sense to many initially because they see a lot of land that is not yet developed.

Social living lifestyles need to change and in order to have that happen, change will need to happen gradually.


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