Re: Progressive Material Choices

070814_pollypocket_hmed_10a_grid-6x2After reading your post regarding Corten Steel and having a discussion in class, I am interested to find out the truth on this material. It seems like whenever there is a new technology, in this case it is a material, the disadvantages and negative aspects seem to hide behind a curtain in the form of an eye catching design. People forget to question themselves on whether the chosen material really is a good choice.

Although this may be an extreme example, this reminds of the situation with lead. At one point it was a widespread metal used in construction piping and in toys. Perhaps the metal was allowed into society because of the limited technologies, but what if the dangers were known and simply hidden behind tough GI Joe’s and pretty Polly Pocket toys? It seem that when Mattel issued the China toy recall in 2007 (only 5 years ago), they were not getting the entire truth.

With that in mind, who says that we are getting the entire truth? Could there be someone who has done some research and can not share it with the world because a company that specializes in Corten Steel has bribed them? Although I think this is an unlikely situation, I hope, it is still possible and searching out the truth about Corten Steel as an emerging trend for buildings is important to find out.


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