Re: Prefabricated Skyscrapers

I had stumbled upon this phenomena several days ago and could not believe it. It is exciting to see how technology can be used to benefit society in an unonventional method. Instead of convinving the hotel to have a more sustainable and smaller hotel, the architect’s decided to maximie the constructon efficiency.

Previously, I had learned that construction accounts for a very sizeable portion of pollution. This buiding uses current technologies to make a buildling that is more efficient and has cleaner air by simly using the existing technologies.T30_Ext-Overall_(c)AntonyWood This should be an example to everyone. I am not saying everyone should start building massive sky scrapers, or stop buildling them; instead, this building is an example that takes current technologies, and uses them to make a slightly more sustainable building. It is more affordable, and uses fewer resources. Since most the building is prefabrcated inside a factory, it is suggestive that the workers have a much safer working environment.

On the subject of aesthetic, although this building is not revolutionary for its visual design, it serves as a starting point for the next buildling that is already planned. With the future buildings of this type, I am positive that aesthetics will improve.


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