Re: Flying Green


Ok, this is my last reply/rant for the semester.  I’ve always found it interesting how horrible the convenience of flying is for the environment.  But if you talk anyone, the majority would say that they want to “travel the world”.  So the resources used and the pollution caused by flying are clearly issues that future generations will be faced with.  I mean look at all the conferences going on around the world, and some of these are conferences on sustainability.  Is it really “sustainable” to being flying our sustainable experts here, there, and everywhere on a almost weekly basis?  I don’t think so!


So I looked to see what is being done to address this issue.  I found an article, which isn’t as current as I’d prefer, on how Boeing has set out to design their new airplane, the 787 Dreamliner and made sure that one of its main goals was that of reducing its carbon emissions (1).  The main ways they look to do this is by reducing the plane’s weight and increasing fuel efficiency, which would result in “an overall reduction of fuel consumption of almost 30% (1).”


As touched on in the original post, “Air travel is a tricky proposition for any well-meaning person trying to reduce their carbon footprint. In 2004, NASA documented how the increase in air travel could account for half a degree increase per decade in the past 30 years, and that figure would only rise as air travel becomes more affordable and ubiquitous (1).”  While unsure if this plane is used currently or still being improved upon, I think this is another case of a problem that may not be able to be fixed but rather minimizing our damages.  Even they confess that, “Air travel may never be the most sustainable option, but Boeing’s efforts are a step in the right direction (1).”




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