Re: Best Buy Inc’s Green Initiative

It is really great to see a compay that seems to not deal with nature or sustainable ideas at all be so active in the green movement. Every time I learn that a large company, such as Best Buy, is doing what they can to be more green, it reassures me that society may not be completely doomed to its extinction so quickly after buy

Since Best Buy is a widespread company that has many visitors daily, its steps to be more environmentally friendly also serve as an example to people. Many people probably know that electronics should not be simply thrown away, but sometimes it could be difficult and inconvenient to find the proper dispoal methods. Best Buy learned there is a disconnect between consumer and proper disposal, so they are trying to fill that gap.

Upon further study, I found that Best Buy shows what happens to products once they are recycled. They also provde a easy-to-navigate website that covers what is accepted and what is not accepted at the recycling stations. One step furter, Best Buy has program details for each state.

This gives people a better idea of how they helped the environment by educating them. It is one step closer to a truly sustainable society.


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