Material Application

For our pavilion design for the London Design Festival: Size + Matter exhibition we chose to look at a variety of materials and test their design capability through multiple pavilion designs. The materials we looked at were paper tubes, copper, bamboo, concrete, plastic, aluminum tiles, glass, and color-cast glass panels. After surveying these materials my four team members and I each evaluated the design possibilities with our chosen material or materials.




Ultimately we chose to design our pavilion out of bamboo and colored glass panels. Bamboo would be used like a wall and the color glass panels would be the roof structure. Bamboo is an extremely fast growing tree and inhales twice as much carbon as a group of trees of a similar volume. The bamboo trees would create semi-circular walls at a variety of heights, placed strategically on the site to partially give a sense of enclosure. At the top of the bamboo trees, held up by steel supports, will be a large piece of colored glass. This glass will be cast in various shades of green, to give the illusion of a canopy of bamboo leaves over the pavilion.

Bamboo is a beautiful tree with interesting characteristics. By creating a living pavilion it would bring a sense of nature into the exhibition space, where many other pavilions might be built out of non-organic and manufactured materials. Moreover, being immersed in nature tends to make people feel better. The leaves of the trees will blow in the wind and make soothing sounds. Also, bamboo is a scentless plant; therefore, if someone is sensitive or bothered by certain scents, they can still enjoy spending time in the pavilion.


Looking back on the project, and with critiques from our presentation, we would try to find a way to give the false perception of the bamboo stalks were strong enough to hold up the large glass ceiling.


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