Making Zero Eneregy Buildings Affordable

Today, I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs written by people who are also attending this class but, there was one in particular that allowed me to come up with an adequate proposal to a question that I’ve been facing for my term paper.  Since cost is the reason that zero energy buildings are not in mass production, how can we make it affordable for everyone?  Before today I still wouldn’t have been able to come up with an answer but, that is because I never knew that shipping containers are now being used as resources for residential homes.   Amazing right, so I wanted to look into this a little bit and I came across an architect named Luis De Garrido.  Using these recycled shipping containers he was able to create a net zero building that was bioclimatic and a sustainable house for only 110,000 euros which is approximately 145,000 dollars today.  That’s roughly what the average American would pay for a normal house in the United States.  So is this something that could be pushed to get headed in the right direction?  I think that it could.  Other countries such as Canada, Spain and New Zealand have been implementing these for years so why shouldn’t the United States do the same.  This could make net zero a reality.



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