Flying Green

flying green

Flying Green

            The aviation industry currently accounts for 2 percent of the man-made global carbon emissions, but is expected to increase to 3 percent by the year 2050 with global demand for air travel expected to increase.  Considering that people are at the vanguard in terms of air travel, it is completely within reason that they would expect a cleaner mode of transportation.  The green demand that ensued from the consumers actually helps the airlines bottom line by cutting waste and shaving costs.  This green movement is helping the aviation industry become much more efficient while reducing their overall carbon emissions.

Another aspect that came to mind is the added safety benefits by airlines going green.  I am not speaking only to the safety that comes from health benefits such as cleaner air, but the safety of life itself.  A lot of the airlines are upgrading their commercial planes to newer models that are far more efficient overall, but especially in fuel consumption.  They are also more efficient in terms of better safety standards.  The newer commercial models have stronger seats that can withstand impacts 16 times the force of gravity, as well as some airlines going the extra mile and incorporating airbags built into the seat belts directly.  It’s amazing that the travelers asked for more environmental accountability, but instead got a plethora of added benefits.


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