Best Buy Inc’s Green Initiative

Best Buy Inc’s Green Initiative

In an effort to reduce a negative impact on the environment and the reduction of “e-waste” (electronic waste), Best Buy has instituted a “revolutionary” consumer electronics recycling program. They also offer a trade-in program for newer items. These programs are in every store as of February 15, 2009.


The recycling program takes nearly everything type of electronic, including: computer monitors, flat-panel TVs, peripherals, DVD players, home and car audio, cell phones, MP3 players, desktop and laptop computers, cables, fans, vacuums, and other small electrics. For other, larger, items, they offer a haul-away recycling program.


Recycled items are dismantled and stripped of reusable metals, and the rest is broken down into reusable substances. These items are not exported to developing countries, but processed with strict standards by certified electronics recyclers.

In 2010, the company collected 83 million pounds of electronics, and 73 million pounds of appliances. Their goal is to collect 1 billion total pounds of electronics by 2014.


On a larger scale, Best Buy also actively supports policies and initiatives that promote the responsible recycling of electronic waste. They work with manufacturers, retailers, government policy creators, and industry groups to bring about more environmentally-friendly technologies, faster to our markets. In May of 2012, Best Buy was named one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s top 50 largest green power purchasers. This was due to Best Buy’s commitment to buying energy from renewable resources (wind, solar, geothermal, biogas, biomass, and low-impact hydro energies) – they purchases nearly 119 million kilowatt-hours in 2011!

In all, Best Buy has been demonstrating a proactive choice to support renewable energy sources, the environment, and the sustainability movement.



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  1. fauds004

    Just after reading the first two sentences I was already thinking that this was a great idea, mainly because a lot of people, when they’re done with electronics they simply just throw them away instead of getting rid of them properly. Making it possible to recycle any size of electronic products makes it even better because then you don’t have to worry about not being able to dispose of something because of certain constraints. Being able to recycle some of it into reusable metal, and then reusable substances helps out when it comes down to the amount of resources that we have left because anything helps. In the last paragraph, you mentioned that there are some groups that are trying to bring about environmentally-friendly technologies, which is a another great idea considering that they are trying to make everything else in this world environmentally-friendly and it’s also something that is used all throughout the day, I mean I got electronic products all around me that are on right now. The only things that I would question is, why did it take them so long to do it and why wouldn’t this have been thought of when they started mass producing electronic products especially since technologies have been advancing so much over the years. Overall, this was a good post, glad somebody talked about it.

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