An Impossible Dream


I’ve been doing a lot of reading on net zero and haven’t found a single person that is against it but, did I really expect someone to be.  After all, the concept or idea that buildings would have the ability to generate their own energy through technology without taking away almost depleted resources from the earth to support our everyday life is amazing.   So in our current state where “commercial and residential buildings use almost 40% of the primary energy and approximately 70% of the electricity in the United States (EIA 2005)… and is expected to increase another 50% by 2025 (EIA 2005),” who would not get on bored with the idea of net zero.  The only question is can net zero actually be achieved?


The United States Department of Energy is also pushing for net zero but, they were the only ones to actually state the potential flaws of the idea.  With these zero energy buildings there are questions about the performance of the energy produced on site, and if it is as adequate as gas.  The biggest issue that was stated though was that there is no way to possibly calculate the amount of energy that would be consumed for each building so the possibility to take these building off a grid system is impossible.  There needs to be a way to expel the excess energy or to get energy to the building if it is not producing enough.  So is net zero an impossible dream that we will never reach or is the real goal behind net zero to minimize our carbon footprint on the earth as much as possible?



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