RE: Bisphenol-A (BPA); is it as Harmful as we Think?

After reading this post on the harmful health effects of BPA coming from food containers, I was intrigued by your statement “I found out that there has been a disagreement on whether or not BPA is harmful or not, and for a long time it’s been considered as not being harmful, however I did find some articles and studies that prove that it is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity”.  From what I have read and researched, BPA does not pose as much of a threat as you are saying.  I see what you mean about the disagreement over the harmfulness of BPA.  According to the European Food Safety Authority, the studies used to determine the health effects were tested on animals which does not carry relevance to effects on humans.  Another source states that “the collective body of evidence demonstrates that BPA does not pose serious neurological dangers or cause cancer in humans, and has not even been shown to be an “endocrine disruptor,” although it does have modest but not necessarily harmful endocrine effects” (Entine), which seems to be a reoccurring theme in most of the articles I have read on the controversial chemical.  Basically what I have seen is that the chemical does not pose any serious health risks in humans, and any leaching of the chemical into food or beverages is so minimal that it can not cause any serious health problems.





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