Facade, more than the front of your building



For my research, I have been looking into glass curtain wall facades. Glass has always been one of my favorite materials to use in my design projects. Glass is not just a transparent material used to fill a hole in the wall. It is an extension of space, an accent to light, multiple representations. It seems that glass is becoming very present on building facades now a days. Buildings and companies are using glass as an entire new way of representation on their facades. I want to take a closer look at how buildings use their facades, whether it is a symbol, overall idea, logo, for economic reasons, etc. I was not sure whether or not to look purely at the facade representation or how the facade is constructed together.

From the discussion and workshop in class, I decided that I am going to focus on how buildings speak using their facades and compare and contrast how glass curtain wall facades have changed throughout the years. I will be comparing buildings such as the Lever House and the Yamaha building. Other questions that arose were whether or not buildings use it to perceive an idea of sustainability or the types of glass used like fritted glass. I am really looking forward to looking in to these case studies further and types of construction that are used to help represent the facade to its preferred design concept. I am interested to see if the technology used is something we have done continuously like in the past or if they are all new technologies like the Yamaha building.


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  1. I like your research topic and I believe you should be able to find lots of sources for and examples for this. If you are looking for local buildings to compare to, I would strongly suggest the IDS building, and the Ameriprise CSC building which are both in downtown Minneapolis. As we know, the IDS building which is one of the model office building for modern architecture and glass use is a Unique design because of the use of glass and its application. Unlike the Lever house, the facade of the IDS building is very welcoming and very interesting, in my Opinion. The ameriprise CSC building is another building that I thought had a very good application of class and displayed a great design. I am also probably biased because i work there as well. Unlike the Lever house and IDS building, the Ameriprise CSC building had bigger mullions You can easily see them from afar. Another thing that can easily be noticed about this building is that the windows are transparent compared to the IDS building and the Ameriprise building. One can easily tell which one is the entrance of both buildings though. The ameriprise building also has a very welcoming facade because of the water fall that can be seen from afar. that along with the atrium, make for an interesting design.These two buildings are really worth looking into.

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