Temporary Architecture

turkey1              For our final research paper I am looking at the issue of temporary housing.  In my study I am looking at materials that work for temporary housing and materials that do not work, along with designs that work and do not work. Temporary housing is crucial need in times of destruction and natural disasters.  In many instances when disasters strike people are left with housing that is less than desirable. My goal through my research paper is to discover the best forms of temporary housing.

One example of temporary housing that works really well in my mind is Shigeru Ban’s paper houses.  Ban uses paper tubing that is sealed with a polyurethane in order to water proof the structure. Ban incorporates many local materials, such a plastic beer boxes from local beer companies to use as the foundation. Ban’s approach to temporary housing is to create a home like environment for a temporary period of time. I personally think his approach is a great idea. In his paper housing he teaches the people of the community to build these houses, which results in these building being able to build these structures in a relatively quick amount of time.


Michel Oquinejure. 2000. Shigeru Ban: Architecture for Emergencies. Icarus Films.


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  1. ohxxx100

    I think this topic is very interesting and attracting people. I believe natural disasters are meant to be occurring but human beings have increased its rate by destroying the environments. My paper is kind of related about natural disasters, especially in earthquake, that this blog caught my attention. I assume most of the architectures can protect people from hurricanes or storms and minor earthquake. However, it is true that we cannot ensure safety from the severe disasters that it is pretty mandatory to develop temporary housing technology.
    Maybe it will be great to mention some of the case studies such as earthquake in Haiti and how did they reacted after the earthquake. What kind of temporary houses they did built and what was the design and material? Maybe you can do some research about earthquake in Japan too because Japan often had a severe earthquake and they have a good system of reacting the earthquake.

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