“Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over This SunChips Bag”

Everyday new innovations in eco-friendly materials are made. Out of these materials various products are made. In recent blog posts from the semester people have mentioned products made from alternative material resources, such as blood bricks, hemp bricks, and bioplastic silverware from UDS. Companies advertise the use of greener materials in their products as a positive marketing ploy.

A few years ago I remember eating lunch at my sisters house when she grabbed a bag of chips from her cupboard; it was a bag of SunChips. I mentioned to her that the company had just started making the chip bag out of a material that allowed it to be compostable. She generally cares about recycling and not wasting goods if she doesn’t need to; however, what bugged her most about the bag was how loud it was. My sister was not the only person who was concerned with the bags obnoxious crinkling noises. The new Sunchip packaging that the company marketed as compostable, there was even a diagram on the back of the bag, and made from bioplastics were on grocery shelves for less than a year before being brought back to the drawing board to be made quieter.

sunchips bag

Since then Frito-Lay has gone through efforts to make the bag quieter by changing the structure of packaging; however, still making sure it is made from a bioplastic. It amazes me that customers complaints about the nosiness of the bag caused the company to pull it from the shelves and revamp its design. Well, and the 11 percent drop in sales during that time. Having an eco-friendly label on the bag by way of stating its biodegradable abilities and having pictures showing it decomposing. You would think that these facts would make the product desirable to customers, but it was just too noisy. The 44,000 people on Facebook who like the group “Sorry But I Can’t Hear You Over This SunChips Bag,” probably thank the Frito-Lays Company for eventually making a quieter chip bag.


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