Re: Material Reaction

When I was in Hitoshi Abe’s lecture, I found it is really interesting to see the design process of his projects. He talked about how he manipulates and applies the materials without knowing what the final outcome or even the functionality. I was impressed by this exciting design method, since the final was perfectly integrated with the materials he used. In his project, Reihoku community hall, he used the materials by letting it reacts to itself and communicates to the other materials in order to achieve a different outcome and a new experience. However, after more thinking, I realized that what if this strategy fails. Is it too exciting to actually do? In your blog, you cite his words that “geometry is the thing that ties the site and materials together”, but later he mentioned kids try to climb up to building, since the building has geometrical slopes, which could be dangerous. So, I start to wonder that after we acknowledge the wonderful design work of this geometry, does this geometry help the human community? From time to time, more and more clients are educated and they can somehow understand architecture design, which makes architects no longer work independently on most projects. This question also raises a broad issue that more and more modern designs seem to forget about their original purpose that is to serve people or solve a problem.



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