RE: Watercube Textile


I was really intrigued by your statement that the Olympic games provide a setting for some of the most creative and innovative buildings in the world. I think this is true of such large scale events such as Olympics or world fairs and exhibitions. These type of events are way for designers to showcase new technologies and innovative materials that may not fit into real world projects.

One of the best examples of this is the CrystalPalace. Buildings such as this for the time period would not have been built if it were not for the specific event such as the world fair. The CrystalPalace displayed new technologies and innovative building materials for the time such as: pre fabrication and glass as building structure. These things had not been seen at the time. The example you gave of the NationalSwimmingCenter is a modern day example of the CrystalPalace. In this building the use of textiles and lights is something that had not often been seen. World exhibitions and large scale world events provide the perfect vehicle for producing innovative and new designs and buildings. In response to your question what is next in textiles? We may possibly find out during the next Olympic games or large scale exhibition.


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