RE: Material Reaction

I think it’s interesting how you responded to the Reihoku Community Hall.  After listening to Hitoshi’s discussion of the building and the material, I interpreted his design process as this very intriguing and complex shape that was decided before the material.  I remember he said a big reason for using the wood in the design was because of the funding coming from a forestry center.  When he said this, I was assuming that he had the design in mind and then really figured out how this wood could make this form.  When you said “This is a curving wooden framed structure that allows the spans of wood and the connection hardware to inform the overall form of the building”,  this makes a lot of sense because obviously the curving of wooden spans is going to be treated a lot different from something such as concrete that would make a very smooth continuous surface.   I also agree with the statement that “Hitoshi’s process is more a reaction to the material itself letting the constraints and limitation inform the design more than imposing a rigid form onto them” but I think that if he was mainly focused on the constraints of wood instead of using the material in an exploratory way, the structure would have behaved more in a geometric or conventional manner.  I think this is a more successful way in designing because if the material itself is focused on too much, the structure may limit the design rather than really investigating and testing how materials can inform the structure.



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