Got Qmilch?

After learning about Anke Domaske’s fabric “Qmilch” I could not resist the opportunity to do further research and blog about it. As a college girl interested in the latest fashions, health conscious & just curious in general, I really enjoyed learning more about this “textile,” if you will. A former microbiology student, Domaske created this fabric of completely milk protein. In just two years, she & her team created an all-natural fiber consisting of a very high concentration of casein with a few other natural ingredients (Ghazali). I’m sorry, what? Not even close to a microbio major, I researched casein and learned that it is a protein found in milk and and used independently in many foods as a binding agent (wiseGEEK). Casein can be found in two main types, the wiseGEEK explains, both edible and technical. But nowhere in their explanation do they use clothing as a technical example.


As Blaine mentioned in class, her inspiration derived from her stepfather’s skin issues post cancer treatment. Domaske stated that so many people struggle wearing normal clothes daily and, if anything, she wanted to help. (Ghazali) The clothing feels like silk & can be washed like any other fabric.

Domaske alongside a piece of her own

Domaske alongside a piece of her own

Ultimately, the best part, in my opinion, about this fabric is its sustainability and health benefits. It is water efficient compared to current mass-produced clothing items. It only uses a half gallon of water to make 2 pounds of fabric. Cotton takes more than 10,000 liters (about 2,642 gallons) to produce the same amount of fabric. In terms of health benefits, the protein contains amino acids that are antibacterial and anti-aging. It can also help regulate body temperature and blood circulation. (Ghazali)


Domaske measuring out fabric length

This is absolutely fascinating. To think that someone who has a background in microbiology and fashion design could create such an amazing new material. It shows us that the sky really is the limit. As if the House of Blood wasn’t extreme enough, I can only imagine what someone will come up with next with some bizarre protein found in meats or something in that regard.


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