Energy on the Go

Electronics are things that are typically thought of as needing to be plugged in, charged, or dependent on disposable batteries in order to run, and this has been fine for the most part in the past when these sorts of technology were left at home or only performed minor functions that didn’t effect our everyday lives. But now we live in an age where smart phones have so many functions that their owners depend on them and being caught with a dead phone today is so much more detrimental that it was 5 years ago. One technology that is being developed to prevent such an even from happening is called piezoelectric energy.


Piezoelectric energy is energy that is gathered from ambient vibrations and stored within a battery until it can be used again. Just imagine what this would mean for portable electronics everywhere, simply by walking around you could potentially build up enough energy to keep your phone charged without ever needing to plug it up to a wall, or by jogging you could power that ipod you’re listening to. The question I first thought of when I heard about this technology was why isn’t this being implemented in phones currently, we carry them around everywhere so they are sure to get plenty of vibrations, and the answer to that is simple, the technology simply isn’t there yet. Currently the power this battery would create isn’t up to snuff for what we need for all of our gadgets but that doesn’t mean we’re not preparing for the day this will be true. Back in 2010 Nokia had already filled out the patent for the rights for the Piezoelectric Kinetic Energy Harvester and I am sure we can look forward to it just as soon as its efficiency goes up. Creating a much more efficient way to charge our devices.batterygenerNokia-battery-1


Piezoelectric Energy



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