Design for Disasters


After the Dean Fisher’s lecture about ‘Design for Disaster’, I was trying to figure out the ultimate purpose of the architect. My answer might not be the best but, in my perspective, I figured out the ultimate goal of the architect and designer is to design something for people that are more convenience and safe with beautiful aesthetics.

We are living in a century with advantages of high technology and it is still in the process of development. However, we human still make mistakes that caused disasters even though we have high technology. Because we have made mistakes, it is our nature to find better solution for mistakes and improve it. Natural disasters are inevitable and current architecture can stand most of the natural disasters except earthquakes.

Earthquakes have gave us massive damages for centuries and we had no technologies to reduce the damage. However, people kept researched and developed new materials and maybe it might be possible to reduce damage in residential area when earthquake occur. Flexible concrete can be a excellent example. Its flexible characteristics will stand damages from earthquakes. It might not able to support severe earthquake however, it will somehow reduce the damage. Not only material, creative design such as different construction technology would reduce damage too.

This topic was in my interest after Dean Fisher’s lecture and will be my topic for research paper.


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