Aegis Walls?

The Aegis Parka

The Aegis Parka

The Aegis Pollution-Sensing Parka is a garment that warns its wearer that pollution is present which could be harmful. It uses sensors to check for the presence of several different pollutants and then illuminates light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to alert the wearer. Wouldn’t it be nice if a building could alert its occupants that pollutants were present that could pose a hazard. Obviously, the methods used in the Aegis Pollution-Sensing Parka would not work here. It would be very complicated and expensive to blanket a building with enough sensors and LEDs to provide adequate coverage.

Instead, what if a similar warning could be obtained chemically? Perhaps a material could be developed that would change visually, maybe changing color, when pollutants were present. Such a material, added to paint, would enable the walls themselves to monitor air quality. If any area of a building posed a hazard, the walls in that area would discolor to alert occupants to the problem.

Possible scheme of discoloration for an Aegis wall

Possible scheme of discoloration for an Aegis wall

While it appears that such a material does not currently exist, it would definitely be worth pursuing. Maybe it would be possible to develop such a material. If it turned out to be too expensive to be used throughout an entire building, it could be used in specific locations. Areas like the entrances to a building from parking garages might be good places to monitor.




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