Domestic Transformation

Domestic Transformation

With over seven million residents, Hong Kong is the most densely populate city China. Due to the incredibly high population growth, not only for Hong Kong as a city but the country of China as a whole, it is imperative that they find new ways to make use of what little space they have.  The most common way that this is done is by building up, but architect Gary Chang developed the of concept “domestic transformation”, where he  transformed his 330 sq. ft. apartment into multiple living quarters. I believe that this is a very creative and ideal way to save space.

The multiple rooms are the bedroom, guestroom/ bathing room, bar area, screening room, and the living room as the central starting space.  He was able to accomplish this through a series of “futuristic sliding wall system” with track hidden in the ceiling covered by mirrors to add the illusion of more space and bring in more light.  The grand total of transformations equals an astounding 24 rooms in one.

Chang’s inspiration for this design was due to growing up sharing the 330 sq. ft. apartment with multiple family members.  All the “transformation” was achieve through specific manipulation of the mobile walls making this a unique design having potential future design applications.

If you would like to see this in action, follow the link below.


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