Light as a Medium

Bernini, the father of baroque architecture and a leading architect from the medieval Rome, designed his churches in a way of borrowing the natural light into his architectures. Natural light illuminating statues and paintings provided holy atmosphere that its design raised power of Christianity. Light is still used as an architecture material that is indirectly influencing the building atmosphere; Architects or designers sometimes bring light with genius talent.

When I saw this sculpture for the first time, I thought it was just an artistic sculpture that requires explanation to understand the concept. Just looking at the sculpture, it looks like the pile of blocks. However, when the light on the sculpture, its shadow shows 2 very famous sculptures on the white wall. Inspiring others, there were other designs similar to this one that are very interesting.

Light can be used as an architecture material but it can also give hidden messages through architecture. Sometimes it is hard to imply the meaning or concept of the architecture but if we use the light like these designed sculptures, it would be easier and better to tell people significant messages we want to say through architecture using light as a medium.


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