Sun Lamp Light Incorporated Into Material

Sunlamp used multifunctionally for light therapy and designer table.

Architecture that is considered mindful of light is usually only thinking about natural light. There are places however that do not have the luxury of always having access to natural light. So if there is no light, or a minimal amount available, should there not be a way for which architecture can find alternative methods?

A few days ago I was thinking of how fall is all around us and the trees are all bare. This also means that winter is near–especially with December and January right around the corner. In northern latitudes like in Minnesota, we are cursed with having short winter days that are usually filled with cloudy and cold days. Occasionally there is natural sun light that hits our windows, but it is just that–occasional. Because of this, many people suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. In basic terms, this is a mental disorder where someone does not receive enough natural sunlight, through which vitamin D levels are low (a vitamin our body makes using sunlight). With this in mind, northern latitude architecture could incorporate a popular therapy for this disorder into the building. The proposed technology is the sunlamp.

The sunlamp emits rays that the sun emits so that the skin can produce necessary vitamins like vitamin D. This technology could be incorporated into building materials interior and exterior so that everyone is benefited from this. It could be brought into materials in thin strips near the ceiling or on the exterior of a building near a sidewalk so that everyone who passes by is exposed to a little more sun rays. Naturally this would have to be considered in a way so that the rays remain safe and so that people are not overexposed, but a controlled situation with some extra sun light could benefit everyone and maybe keep levels of SAD down.

sunlamp that also functions as a small table. Decorative and useful for SAD light therapy.


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