Great Expectations: Visionary Architecture for No One

When I was a child, I used to play outside of the nature before my town got industrialized. I loved fishing with nets in the river and spinning tops on the road. I remember that I also enjoyed witnessing how my towns get paving, tall buildings rising, and big buildings are constructed. It felt like entering another dimension door; I started to dislike industrializing. When all parts of the town got westernized, I moved my middle school to the Philippines. Compare my town to the Philippines it reminded me back to my childhood. Philippines gave me the most precious memories in my school days. I loved Philippines more than my country and I still keep in touch with high school friends over there. After serving military service in Korea, I visited the Philippines before I return to the states and Philippines was not the town I used to know because of its fast development.

What I liked Minnesota was that it had many natures around the campus. That is why I usually travel to rest area rather than city in the states. I did not like the concrete skyscraper and crowd people. I started to realize people should live with natures not with concretes. However world needed tall and cold concrete skyscraper for their economies and I understand that. For that reason, I did go against the modernization. When I learned biomimicry in architecture lecture at the U, I totally loved its idea because its design is beautiful, reminds the nature to people, and friendly to earth. This can be part of modernization or futurism in architecture field.

I think this can be an architecture development and innovation. Designers are meeting the requirements of benefiting earth and artistic aspects. Fast development and instance city provided economic booms after WW2 but it is time to start green development for better city and world.


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  1. wils1489

    I definitely agree that people should connect more with nature than they do. I myself enjoy getting away from the city time to time to enjoy the things that were not influenced by humanity. When I lived in Jacksonville, NC there was a ton of green space and the city was still under development so I got to enjoy a lot of scenic areas. I would go for rides in these areas just to clear my mind. Prior to that when I lived in japan where there was no green space, ¬no place to get away to, and no place to really clear my mind so I completely understand where you are coming from.

    Though, I don’t think that biomimicry is bringing nature to people. Biomimicry is a new science that studies Nature’s models and then emulates these forms, processes, systems, and strategies to solve human problems – sustainably.1 These emulations are still being done in concrete form in cities that are industrializing. Thus still taking away these green places that you still would like to see. Sustainable design doesn’t mean that it is benefiting the earth, it is just a nice way of saying that it is causing less harm to the earth. So is it time to start green development as you suggest? Yes it is. But have we learned how to do that through biomimicry yet? That I’m not too sure about.

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