RE: Working Biomimicry

The Treepod project designed by Influx Studio is a very interesting and visually appealing project.  This idea of biomimicry as a working structure being more beneficial to the earth than sculptures imitating nature is a very intriguing point that you make. I believe that biomimicry can only be more beneficial if it is designed as a working structure like the Treepod example you give.

An article written by Katie Scott on the view point of Michael Pawlyn’s believes in biomimicry further engraves this idea of working biomimicry further into the realm of importance. He states, “If you look beyond the nice shapes in nature and understand the principles behind them, you can find some adaptations that can lead to new innovative solutions that are radically more resource efficient. It’s the direction we need to take in the coming decades.”  This statement further explains that by looking into biomimicry as use of innovation and new design possibilities will further come from designing working biomimicry. By studying the ideals of biomimicry more in terms of design we will further be able to develop meaningful working biomimicry projects such as the Treepod project.


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