RE: Printing Buildings


I think that this new technology of 3D printing is extremely interesting, not to mention surprising and impressive. The 3D printer can create any shape by following the information of the design that you enter into its computer program. The article, “A Sandstone Block Built from Lego, Blending Real Objects with 3D Prints,” explains the process of how a cluster of Lego blocks are printed out on a 3D printer to perfectly fit into the chipped portion of a sandstone block. There is also a video, which I have attached that shows this. I think that in some situations 3D printing can offer some great advantages to the construction industry. For example, if the technology evolves for bigger projects, such as life-size buildings, I think that construction will become much more efficient. Printing buildings could result in shorter construction periods, which could save costs on labor, as well as create buildings more easily and more often. However, I don’t foresee that the 3D printer could ever completely make a whole building by itself; I can only see the technology progressing so far as making large or intricate parts of buildings that would need to be assembled by architects. Even if the technology could progress that far, I would not support it, because I think, like the author of the original entry, it would take away a lot of jobs and have a very negative effect on the economy, but also, architects and designers would lose a lot of their skills and understanding of the complex parts of design and building. Losing this knowledge would result in losing knowledge of the entire process and results as a whole, and to make truly artistic designs or architecture, I think it’s necessary that the architects and designer have full understanding of each step of the entire process.







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