The Legacy of Plastic

It was the trend to make figures or models of cars, animation characters, and etc. when I was early teenage. The plastic figures were mostly very precise and easy to construct for children. If you paint over the model very cool, it was the time when you become the rock star among other children. Not only there were static models, but there were also kinetic (movable) models such as mini-cars. Thinking back, plastic products always brought enjoyment to me in my childhood.

Most of the plastic models were copying the animation characters or objects that children can play with it in real life. When you see the animation, they are just the fantasy that cannot be happening in real life. Due to the flexible characteristic of plastic, it abled manufacturers design the complex shape of animation characters and it also helped children to have broader imagination. In similar aspect, development of plastic helped designer to express their idea into statues or architecture easily compare to other materials. Complex designs can be made with steels but it takes a lot of work and cost than plastic.

Though plastic can be toxic when it gets burn, the material is still in development to be fireproof and environmentally friendly. Plastic models gave me great memories from my childhood and now it can fulfill my design aspects by plastic. If there was no animation and its toys it would limited my or other children’s imagination. It is what old plastic left as its legacy.


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