Re: Humanizing Architecture

In the Adam Marcus lecture, “Computation & Craft”, he talked about the new relationship between Art and Computation growth and application. He provided some really good examples of the integration of art works and technologies, which inspire me a lot. According to Malcolm Moore, he declares that the Guangzhou Opera House is a £130 million failing project in China. Thinking this new way of representation of art by using computation technology, I find it is hard to agree that Guangzhou Opera House in China is dehumanizing or a failing project because of some construction leaks and its alien looking.

I do think that we have to understand that architects are designing by inspiring from technologies; more importantly, we all have to admit and accept the fact that it is a new trend of technologies that is leading the new design inspiration. What I am say is that sometimes a successful modern design is something that looks “dehumanizing”. For example, Apple has great products that will never be imagined 20 years ago; I do believe that their designed products are not trying to trace the patterns in nature or a conventional look. Touching screens, high-tech fabrics and modern material technologies give Apple the chance to set up the principles of modern industrial design. Another example in Architecture development, the Spaceport America, the first spaceport in the world intended to be the launch-pad of the global commercial spaceflight industry and the second space age. This $209 million project has a really alien exterior as architecture.

My point of view is that architecture, including art, can integrate technologies into something that is really beautiful, despite the beauty can be understood and interpreted in so many different ways. Going back the Guangzhou Opera House, it is a project that gives us the opportunities of developing a new aesthetic value and what we pursue architecture for the future, but is not being dehumanizing.




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