Plastic Logic

Technologies almost always go through an ever-changing process of innovation. We have seen plastic take many forms including bottles, food preservers, paper protectors, and many other forms. We see so much plastic in our everyday lives that it goes almost unnoticed. However, when new technologies emerge, there is great reason to take notice. One of these new and innovative technologies is Plastic Logic.

Plastic Logic is a company that has developed an innovative plastic transistor technology. That “enables electronics to be manufactured on flexible or plastic sheets” (Plastic Logic). Researchers from Cambridge University’s Cavendish Lab, called Plastic Logic. They have developed a product with the display thickness and flexibility of a sheet of paper. The technology is extremely interesting in that its manufacturers were able to alleviate issues such as extreme temperatures and distortion and misalignment issues.

Although there are many benefits to this innovative technical design, one of the biggest benefits is the fact that it is able to serve as a paper replacement. Paper is such a prominent method of sharing information with one another that a world without it seems almost unimaginable. However, there is a major environmental benefit to be had by replacing traditional paper sources with electronic plastic logic systems. These devises are able to be used over and over, while also having the ability to change information based on the needs of the user.  Therefore, the overall need to harvest lumber would be greatly decreased, thus causing less negative impact on the Earth. Another positive factor is that these devises are extremely versatile and convenient. They are easy to transport due to the fact that they are light weight and low volume. With all of this being said, I hope that these devises are to be accessible to the general public in the near future. I believe they will have a major positive impact on the world as a whole.


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