Re: Would you live in a house of blood?


I really thought this was an interesting post.  Although many people would probably put other words first to describe using blood as a material, I think it is very innovative (or even sustainable).  Growing up on a farm, even I would not think much about where the blood of a slaughtered animal goes or that maybe it could have a use in architecture.  Using blood instead of letting it go to waste, would actually make meat markets more sustainable because they would be producing less waste.

However, I think several things should be further expanded upon.  According to Discovery News, Munro’s intended site for the use of blood bricks is in Egypt (1).  Here is where mud brick is typically used, but they are susceptible to rain damage.  This is what makes the blood bricks waterproof ability so helpful.  Another thing is that although they are similar in strength to mud brick, they are no where near the strength of the bricks we commonly see (1).  So there is no need to panic for their use in the states, at least to this point.

After further investigating this I came away with several questions.  One was what if they tested the bricks strength by using blood of different animals?  Because to this point, it appears that they only use bovine, or cow, blood.  Another is how awesome would it be to build a project or exhibit out of this material?  I imagine it by not revealing their actual material make-up until a person has completed their tour of the exhibit.  I really think a lot of people would be intrigued until they found out what they are.  However, as you mentioned that could cross some religious boundaries and have some negative effects.  A last question, prompted by Geekosystem, What would keep pests from infesting buildings made of blood (2)?  Wouldn’t it be asking for them to eat a free meal?

Regardless, awesome post!


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