RE: A New Plan for Recycling in Minneapolis

The plan for recycling in Minneapolis to change the dual-sort recycling to the single-sort recycling can be beneficial.  Even though I agree with the statement that people should help sort their own waste, I think that the single sort recycling system is easier and therefore more people will participate in recycling.  I personally have experienced the transition from dual sort recycling to single sort recycling systems in my community and can vouch it worked for at least one family.  Sad to say, when I was a child, my family never recycled anything but newspaper, I do not know if it was the lack of effort or care for recycling.  Cottage Grove has adopted the single sort system, where our garage bin and recycling bin are maintained by Tennis Sanitation for multiple years now.  As soon as this transition occurred, our household began to recycle all proper materials, we purchased two separate garbage bins for inside our house (one for recyclables, one for waste) that can be easily dumped into the outdoor bins that the garbage trucks pick up.

Tennis Sanitation describes the single sort recycling on their website as being easier for consumers, and increases the participation of the community.  They also note that with the increase of the participation, the number of recyclables are increased, thus less waste goes into the landfills.  As an advocate for this system, I think it is a good idea for Minneapolis to proceed with the new plan for recycling.



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