Beautiful Garbage!

We all know by now that plastic materials such as, plastic bottle and plastic shopping bags are not being recycled properly. According to an article from California alone uses 19 billion plastic shopping bags in one year. My first thought when reading this was where are all these plastic bags going after people empty their groceries from them? Well according to the article only 1 % of those plastic bags actually get recycled. Clearly as a nation recycling is an issue for us, whether this is due to laziness or lack of education is un-known to me, but the fact of the matter is something needs to be done with these plastic bags besides allowing them to go into our oceans.

Tomas Saraceno an Argentinian designer provides us with a very interesting proposition of what we can use our left over plastic for, since we simply can not figure out the whole recycling thing. Saraceno designed and made a hot air balloon entirely out of used plastic bags. He has a very specific design thesis for this air balloon, each time it travels around the world he adds new bags from that specific part of the world. This idea to reuse plastic bags into something beautiful I think is a perfect solution to our issue of plastic bag waste, we as a culture and designers need to continue to use our waste to create beautiful imagery.



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