Pavillion as ecosystem.

With our pavilion we sought to sit lightly on the land. Since it is a temporary structure, we felt that something which could be erected and taken down quickly, possibly even moved, would be best. We also wanted to use low impact materials, and create a sense of lightness, nature, and relaxation within the bustle of a major city. To accomplish this we blended a translucent ethereal textile (birdair tensotherm) which acts as a highly efficient insulating blanket and light transmitter, with natural bamboo structure, arching out like a canopy. At each point where the bamboo meets the foundation, we have placed pools to gather rain water and recirculate it, filling the space with the sound of flowing water, and connecting the building with the local climate. On the established structure will be grown vines, to further emphasize the sense of natural oasis. The vines will gather moisture from the pools. Above the cloud-like structure there will be a collection of windbelts, with PV printed on top, positioned to face the sun (south) and be side on to the prevailing winds (east/west) to maximize energy production. The electricity generated in this way will be fed into the pavilion and used to light it, and manage the climate. In this way the pavilion acts as a self sufficient ecosystem.


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