Zyplex for Precedent

Obviously there was some mis-communication, but you’re all getting another Zyplex post!

As we mentioned in our presentation, our group tried looking for local materials to design the London pavilion.  We also talked about finding a material that was made of recycled material and easy to recycle since this would be a temporary installation.  In the materials we explored, Zyplex became a very intriguing option for multiple reasons.

The first of those reasons being that it is made of 100% recycled material.  Zyplex is made from all sorts of plastic material, which would usually be taken to the landfill and sorted by type to match the material make-up of the four Zyplex blends.  It is then shredded and granulated before being tested for its performance characteristics.  During this process all toxins are removed from the plastics to make it environmentally friendly.  It is then melted to make the Zyplex product desired.

Another reason we chose Zyplex is because of its incredible durability.  Because of the way it is made, Zyplex is resistant to many chemicals, along with fungi, insects, and UV degradation.  It is also resistant to water, which prevents is from rotting of freeze damage.  Zyplex can be easily cut or drilled and does not crack or splinter like wood.

However, the most important characteristic about Zyplex is its versatility.  This is due in large part to its durability, but Zyplex could be used as a substitute for many materials including wood and concrete.  These are currently two of the most used materials worldwide.  Zyplex has been used for many purposes such as retaining walls, pavement, decking, and roofing just to name a few.  So it can be seen that this uses of the material are potentially endless.  I truly hope to see it more widely used, because not only could we cut down on the use of wood and concrete but would reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

I strongly suggest checking out Zyplex’s website:  http://www.zyplex.co.uk/


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