The Benefits of Low-E Glass

Plain glass is a sustainable material. It is made of natural ingredients; it is infinitely recyclable and is relatively inexpensive. Although there are so many benefits from using this material, there are newer, more innovative uses for glass. Low-E glass has many added benefits that permit a more sustainable material. Low E-Glass or Low Emission Glass, is a clear glass that has a microscopically thin coating of metal oxide. The glass functions by allowing the sun’s heat and light to pass through the material, while simultaneously keeping the heat inside the building; considerably reducing the amount of heat that is lost. One of its biggest benefits the reduction in energy consumption. E-glass reflects heat back to its source. The coating that is used to make the E-glass works to transmit short wave energy, which allows light in, to long wave energy; thus keeping the heat in the desired location. I believe that buildings in Minnesota and other regions with colder climates should invest in Low-E Glass because it has the ability to greatly reduce the amount of energy used during cool seasons. This material would also have a great benefit on energy costs because the use of Low-E glass would make it possible for more windows to be put in; with more windows comes more daylight. Thus, reducing the amount of electricity needed in buildings. Low-E Glass has many benefits to offer, and I believe it is in our best interest to use this eco friendly material for its advantages it provides us.


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