Smartphone with Flexible Touchscreen

One of the nominated materials in project 2 of my group, there was a material called “Flexible Graphene”. Graphene is a material that is widely used as touch pad in smartphones. Our group wanted to focus and develop the flexible graphene in order to provide a lot of information to people who come for the designed pavilion. While I was researching the flexible graphene, I was very surprised about its possible functions in near future life. Compare to typical touchpad, it doesn’t get cracks or scratches when it dropped or any physical damage. Also people who were complaining about the size of their smartphone, it can be spread in laptop monitor size by unfolding it. In South Korea, there is a commercial of the future smartphone with flexible screen with hologram effects.

When the first smartphone came out with touchscreen like iPhone, we thought it was a great innovation but people always find discomforts and engineers and designers are developing it further. In my perspective, smartphone with flexible screen will upgrade our standard level of life but somehow we will find discomforts again. I think it is the circulation of how innovation happens.


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