RE: Hurricane Sandy: It is now or never…

I found your post really to be a beneficial read given the events that have occurred recently due to Hurricane Sandy, and I think that events, such as hurricanes, as terrible as they are can be used as a wakeup call and a reminder that mother nature has reached her limits.  As a young generation of possibly future “designers” we are the ones who should be pushing the idea of building better for our environment.  We are the ones who can save our planet…(maybe not literally but it has to start somewhere, why not with us?)

In an interview with Edward Mazria, he discusses how buildings alone are responsible for half of the greenhouse gas that is emitted into our atmosphere. He arrived at this conclusion by looking at the amount of energy that a building produces and also the embodied energy of the construction materials. This statement that Mazria is making points to one thing in my eyes…designers really do have the power to help our planet.  An article by Green Building Elements highlights some things that designers can do to help in preserving our environment. Such things as: utilizing passive solar design, using earthen floors, and using thermal mass in our designs can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gas our buildings emit. Maybe we as designers can not actually prevent the next hurricane Sandy, but we can do something to help our environment at least a little.


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