Project 2 Design Concepts & Precedent

Our final design idea for this project came from the preliminary sketches we each made. As a group, we brought our different ideas together, looked at them and choose to incorporate features from each of these sketches  into the final design. The first idea we can see here is a canopy like structure that sits on five legs and can be constructed from glass to make use of the shape while giving the opportunity to use LED lighting for aesthetic purpose at night. The use of glass can also allow for having a digital  interactive wall like some of the examples we have seen in class.

The design below was a really nice idea because of the unique use of glass. Using the idea of the Bodhi tree in India, the image on the left gave us the idea of designing a structure that can be seen as a spiritual thing where just like the Bodhi tree, you come around or under it, to  feel safe.

The idea on the bottom is a rather unique idea because the designer used a different thought process but elegant way of conveying her idea. The first image shows one of our early designs where we had the idea of a tree in a flower pot. This idea then had to be developed into a structure in the form of a place for shelter. The design on the right was an idea that conveyed how recyclable materials, specifically plastic, are processed and then finally used to make our chosen material (Zyplex 55).

The great thing about working in groups is that you collaborate on ideas and have different input on a specific idea. My group members had great idea and even with our finished pavilion, it took a lot of tweaking and changing to come to our final design. I really liked our final design because it was a simple and elegant idea.


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