Pavilion Proposal

For the project of the London Design Festival pavilion, my group surveyed five different materials, which were translucent concrete, marble grass, flexible grapheme, thermal insulation glass, and Aquamaterial. Each of these materials functions by means of unique and new technology. After research, we selected the following three materials for our final design:

  • Translucent Concrete– lets sunlight through in the daytime, and optical fibers included in it material make up light up at night.
  • Marble Glass- produces electric energy from both sunlight and moonlight, allowing a natural energy source 24 hours a day. Also, spherical marble glass concentrates sunlight 10,000 times more than flat marble glass.
  • Flexible Graphene- is a paper-like technological screen, much like a computer screen. Its extremely thin and flexible design offers a wide array of designing options.


Our design proposal combined the above three materials in order to create a unique and technology based experience of design for the visitors of the London Design Festival. It was our hope that, by using the Flexible Graphene touch screen, our pavilion could be a site of interactive information gathering and learning. In addition, the roof made of Marble Glass harnesses solar energy to produce the electricity required to light up the optical fibers in the concrete walls at night, as well as to provide energy to the curved, Flexible Graphene computerized screen. Not only is our pavilion eco-friendly, but it’s also displaying three new forms of impressive material technology. Moreover, our third material, the Translucent Concrete walls are surprising and novel to visitors, making our pavilion an attractive place to be, while at the same time fluidly integrating it into its surroundings.

The large, open entrance of our pavilion is connected to the street, which further integrates it into its surroundings, as well as easily inviting the public inside. Since the location of the pavilion is in middle of city, we believed that the design of the pavilion should be more geometric and modern, hence the curved, open design and new, translucent, technological materials.

plan view


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