Corian Countertops

Material innovation can be inventing new materials or using already existing materials in a new way.  One of the materials chosen for the pavilion survey was corian countertops.  This material was a potential possibility in the design of the pavilion because of its innovative design qualities.  According to a manufacturer of Corian, “DuPont™ Corian® solid surface is one of the most versatile materials in the global market- place today. Consumers and professionals from all over the world are increasingly discovering that Corian® is a material with endless potential.”  After looking at different applications of this material, I agree with the DuPont manufacturer that it has endless potential.  Corian is composed of acrylic polymer and aluminum tyihydrate.  The versatile material allows for easy shaping and the illusion of a continuous surface, it can be joined, shaped, and colored easily.  Corian also has non-porous qualities which allow the material to be used in many environments.

The application of corian in the Anansi Playground Building in Utrecht by Mulders vandenBerk Architecten is very successful, it works well with the program of the building and looks very innovative.  The Playground Building uses corian in the facade to create an interactive wall that invites children to use their imagination.  The facade is covered with engraving of fairy tale creatures and  still creates the illusion of a continouus surface.  The material is beneficial for this concept because of it’s surface qualities, corian creates a continuous surface that can be engraved.  This building would not have been possible without the material innovation and questioning already existing materials to be used in new and creative ways, such as taking countertops and turning them into building facades.







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