3form’s Variety of Connections

Although Jessica has already blogged about our project in its entirety, I wanted to discuss 3Form’s variety with structural connections. Many of us are aware of standard connections between wall and support, but what makes Eco-Resin so fascinating is that it is a recycled plastic connected in a myriad of ways. In our pavilion, we made sure to exemplify this by using at least 4 different connection types throughout our “seasonal” theme.

To cover some of the connections, we did I am going to cover some of the seasons. For the spring, we used a Point Support XT. Typically, we are familiar with a standard point support connection being used to attach panels to wood, concrete, gypsum, and aluminum framing systems.  XT is used to attach panels to concrete, brick, CMU and sometimes steel. The website even advertises “Point Support XT is a premium exterior-rated hardware system designed to support 3form…so you can add 3form color and texture to architectural exteriors with confidence.” We also learned that XT products are are ideal for signage, shelters, or wind screens.



For the summer, we used 3form SUSPEND to hold the side panels. It allowed for us to divide space with minimal structure. This also created a flowing shaped screen which was aesthetically appealing. It is composed of stainless steel 3 mm cable and components. It is extremely durable and compliments eco-resin well.


These are a few examples proving that 3form has put a lot of effort into considering all aspects of construction. They want to use the best possible connections with the least amount of material. 3form is driven to appeal to builders of all sorts. I would be really interested in using this product on  designs in the future with other projects.


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