Experiencing the Seasons

Interior Perspective of Pavilion: Looking at Fall & Winter

Varia Eco-Resin panels create opportunities unlike any other pre-fabricated product and can be used in countless ways of construction, application, size and design. We wanted to demonstrate the flexibility of this product and how it is innovative through all the options that are available from the type of panel that is chosen to how it is constructed. 3form offers thousands of panel designs and choices to choose from out of 13 different categories. Colors can also be applied to almost any design as well as different finishes. For our pavilion, we wanted to demonstrate the variety and flexibility 3form provides.

Our pavilion centers around experience. We felt that seasons was a familiar design scheme since everyone could relate. Instead of experiencing the seasons through physical weather, the users would visually and even through touch on some of the panels. There are four units connected together to form a “plus” shape with multiple openings for the users to pass through. This way the users can pass through the seasons sequentially and visualize each right next to each other. Our pavilion covers 5 of the 13 category panels 3form offers. For example, some of our panels consists of organic (inlay natural material like leaves between the panels), texture (ice), color weave (represent water), highres nature gallery (tulip illustration), graphic (mirror). Multiple types of installation and construction methods are used as well from steel frame to suspension to a point support where panels are connected together a particular way.

Eco-Resin panels are created from 40% recycled plastic, non-toxic and are GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified. The company that produces these panels, 3form, has a mission to take responsibility for their product and has a plan to have zero-waste and be carbon neutral by 2017. 3form emphasizes the importance of their mission through the life cycle of their product. They have a reclaiming process once the user is done “using” the product and they then recycle them into future products. 3form provides 3 steps from the beginning to end: 1) All 3form products are shipped with labels and instructions to be installed. 2) While installed, labels are placed on the panels in discreet location so when the panels are taken down the contractor can contact 3form and shipping arrangements can be made back to 3form. 3) Panels are inspected and refurbished to be resold. Panels that are not able to be resold are refurbished, donated, recycled or disposed of in the most responsible way possible.

3form not only offers countless ways of designing, constructing, and installing their product, but they also give complete details, specs, color options, finishes and even projects where the panels and construction have already been used. Their website is fully interactive and allows the customer experiment in every way possible.


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