Reimagining Concrete

Survey of Materials

Our survey of materials was compiled by having each group member research two materials and contributing it to the board; for a total of eight materials. We ended up with a wide breadth of materials ranging from classic ones such as red cedar to more cutting-edge technologies such as Litracon concrete. This wide survey gave us an interesting assortment of materials to pick from for our second boards wherein which we evaluated each on a rubric consisting of constructability, innovation, structural integrity, disassembly, and reusability. We ended up picking wicker, Polli-brick, and Litracon concrete for our second phase because we felt as though it would be a nice combination of materials that were classic, sustainable, and innovative. We envisioned a pavilion design for each material that would showcase the unique properties of each material and by grading and mapping each material on a polar chart we were able to visually compare each material at a glance, thus simplifying the selection process for our final material. The two choices that we narrowed it down to were the Polli-brick which is highly sustainable, and Litracon concrete, which is highly innovative.

Testing and Evaluation of Materials

The final choice of Litracon was based on structural components of the material. As a material that is 96% concrete it is structurally sound and has the ability to support great weights whereas the Polli-brick’s primary function is to act as a curtain wall. Our final design was based on the notion that the Litracon could serve both aesthetic and functional purposes and would remain the primary focus of the pavilion. The three columns within the enclosed space illustrate the strength of the Litracon by supporting the weight of the concrete slab that would be placed on top of it, thus revealing the structural transparency of the pavilion to visitors. Overall, our design attempted to showcase the material in a way that would intrigue visitors who have never seen concrete as a material that had the ability to transmit light.

Final Pavilion Design


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