One shot Two kills

Saving energy is one of the most significant strategies to slow global warming and a lot of methods are coming out with artistic designs and options. Biomimicry, high-tech, and sustainable materials in the architecture is new trend in the field. Building materials that are recycled can be considered as one of the most efficient method to slow global warming. Not only for the practical use as an exterior, but it can be developed its ability beyond our imagination with high technology. When we had a lecture with topic of recycle, I thought about the final material I picked for project 1: Polli-Brick.

Polli-Brick is a material that is made of recycled plastic with honey cube structure and its function as an exterior wall goes beyond our imagination. Polli-Brick is world’s lightest material and it is fire proofed with PC coating. The Honey cube materials are designed to be easily assembled and vice versa. Some might think plastic as a fragile material for the architecture, but it can stand the worst hurricane that are already tested. In artistic view, Polli-Brick can be colored that will provide aliveness atmosphere to the building itself.

There must be other great building materials that are recycled but looking at the Polli-Brick, I was thinking about how amazing we are living in a world with high technology. A decades ago, recycling came to me as a meaning of saving energy and reduce production cost. However, materials like Polli-Brick just meet the requirements of the building material that is very innovative; artistic and practical aspects. The purpose of recycling is very beneficial and green. But if we add high technology in that recycled material like Polli-Brick, it will just feed like getting two rabbits with one shot.







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