Natural Technology


The time is upon us when technology has reached the realm of nature.  When we look at trees, shrubs and grass we have always thought of these things as objects that grow from our soils, well this not the case anymore. Solar Ivy is one example of technology has begun to mimic nature. Solar Ivy is comprised of thin fluttering solar panels that generate solar energy by sparkling in the sunlight, and also generate energy from wind (Meinhold).  These thin panels are placed in a group like fashion to imitate ivy or other vegetation that would grow on the side of the building. Typically these solar leaves are produced in “bricks” of five leaves, and these bricks can generate up to 85 watts of energy (Meinhold).  These leaves have been produced in a wide variety of colors and shapes (Preston).  Could this potentially be the way we view nature in the future?

On the positive side incorporating products such as solar ivy into our environment and architecture will provide us beneficial energy sources. Solar energy via the uses of solar panels can greatly reduce energy bills in the long run, and also utilizing solar energy is a more sustainable form of receiving energy (clean energy ideas).  On the negative side the issue of when is technology going too far comes into play. Do we really want to start eliminating natural elements even if the benefits are great. In 50, 100 or even 200 years do we want to be looking at digitally fabricated trees instead of the real ones? Is that where products such as solar ivy could take our society?





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